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Horseback Riding Lessons
Discount Packages

Mac's Meadows is pleased to offer horseback riding lesson discount packages! What a great way to get your kids involved in horseback riding. We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs, for those that are hesitant to enroll in a long term commitment without testing the waters, we offer a 2 lesson introduction package for $70. If you decide you like it, buy a larger discount package within 30 days of the lesson and we will offer an additional 10% off the discount package, you can't beat that!

For those that are ready to jump right in, we offer;

6 lesson discount package for; $230 school horse, $199 your horse

12 lesson discount package for; $450 school horse, $390 your horse

Please call us (517) 404-3823 to purchase a discount package.

Coming soon - buy your discount package online!

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Mac's Meadows discount packages do not expire, however we ask that you use the allotted lessons in consecutive weeks; i.e. 6 week package good for 6 weeks from start of first lesson. If for some reason you can't make your scheduled lesson, contact Mac's Meadows to reschedule your lesson for a different day of that week.

Refund Policy - If you are unable to complete the quantity of lessons designated by the discount package, the original purchaser will be entitled to a pro-rated refund. The refund will be the difference between the price paid and the number of lessons already taken X $40 per lesson.