Equestrian Center


Horseback Riding Lessons

At Mac's Meadows we offer horse riding lessons from beginner to advanced students. Lessons are scheduled 7 days a week between the hours of 9am and 8pm. Call for an appointment. Our students range in age from 8 years to adult. The maximum allowable weight for riders is 200 lbs. Some equipment is essential for the safety and comfort of the rider. An approved equestrian helmet and some type of English riding boot must be worn by our English riders. Helmets and boots with a heel are required for our Western riders too. Riding boots provide stability in the stirrup and are less likely to hang-up in the stirrup in the event of a fall. Riding Breeches or Chaps are recommended.

    Each student is taught the basic dressage exercises to achieve the needed skills to give proper aids, before moving on to a more advanced level. Horse riding lessons with the beginners usually start on the lunge line. This work often builds confidence, and allows the rider to feel the actions of the horse while the instructor is controlling the horse. Lessons usually last about an hour, but sometimes a little longer, in order to end on a good note.

Private horse riding lessons are $35 per session on your horse, $40 on one of our school horses, lesson packages and gift certificates are available. Each new student is evaluated and an individual plan of action will be formed to meet the student's goals.

Mac's Meadows is located in SouthEast Michigan. See our map to find our location in Livingston County.